Best Colon Cleanse Reviews 2014

Is it necessary to use best colon cleanse techniques?

Actually the colon cleansing concept came from Greece. In the US, during 1920’s and 1930’s, the colon cleansing came into practice. Colon cleansing can be done via many ways like by using teas or colon irrigation. But it doesn’t suit everyone, so one should always buy the best colon cleanse. Cleansing of colon content can be used to get temporary relief from constipation.

Colon cleansing method:

Colon cleansing can be done in many ways. But it is broadly divided in two parts. Either we have to buy some products like capsules to increase the rate of colon activity or we have to consult a practitioner for doing colon irrigation. Colon cleansing is not a very good thing to do on a regular basis. It has many adverse effects also.

Cleansing with the help of supplements:

Well, as referred earlier, we can use some liquid or powdered supplements for cleansing of the colon. These supplements can be taken by mouth or through the rectum. These supplements generally contain magnesium, herbal teas, laxatives, enemas, enzymes, etc. The main job of these supplements is to assist the colon to eject the contents. But it also includes many important vitamins with the waste. So by using these drugs we can lose those important vitamins too.  Best colon cleanse products are easily available in supermarkets, food stores and the internet or in any pharmacies.

High colonics:

The next way to remove the toxins from the colon is to use high colonics. Colonic machine was made-up nearly 100 years ago. Colonic machines are used by the hydro therapists to execute colon irrigation. It works like enema, but involve water and its painless, doesn’t produce any discomfort later. The practitioner uses many kinds of pressure and temperatures of water and also uses probiotics, enzymes and tea for giving an additional supplement to the colon.

In this type of treatment, a pump with low pressure flushes many gallons of water from a small tube like structure which is inserted in the rectum of the patients. After the water will enter the right position in your colon, the doctor will provide a massage in the abdominal region. This will result in the release of the water from the pipe like regular movement of the bowel. This whole process can be done many times in an hour. At last you will go with a clean colon. This is probably one of the best colon cleanse technique.

Theory of colon cleansing:

There are many different types of theories present behind colon cleansing. But the main theory says that it helps in autointoxication. We know that undigested foods can cause a mucus wall of the colon. This wall can result in the production of many kinds of toxins which can cause blood poisoning. These toxins can also cause low energy level, headache, fatigue and gain in weight. We all know that toxin can poison the blood stream if it’s present on the surface. But many therapists don’t agree to the fact that it can affect the blood stream from inside the colon so quickly.

The colon treatment does have a very little role in removing toxins.  But it has a major impact on the nervous system. Our bowel movement is completely under the control of our nervous system so any change in the bowel movement will make a major impact on the whole nervous system. This can be helped in reducing constipation.

How to take care of the colon?

Except this type of colon treatment, there are few ways which can be used to keep a healthy colon. These ways are just a few common food and lifestyle habits that can result in reducing the toxins and risk of cancer. Putting soluble and insoluble types of fiber in the daily foods, avoiding red meat, drinking a lot of water, reducing the intake of alcohols are some of such ways to have a healthy colon. 30 -35 grams of insoluble and soluble fibers is needed for an adult in the everyday food chart. These fibers can be found in fruit, vegetables, bran, oatmeal, grains etc. These techniques also increase the immunity level and enhance the condition of the health.

Goal behind natural cleansing:

The main goal of this process is to clean the colon. It includes cleaning the mucus wall, toxic wastes and the large quantities of stagnant things. The therapists say that by doing this, the liveliness of a body will be enhanced. Other goals are:

  • Reduces the risk of cancer of the colon
  • Loss of weight
  • Improving the immunity
  • Improving the physical and mental outlook.

Some of the best colon cleanse is also used during drug withdrawal, bowel surgeries and fecal inconsistence etc. Sometimes it is also used during the surgical association between body and the intestine.

Is it necessary?

We all know that bowel movements help in clearing the colon. But the question is when we know that our bowel will clear the colon and then do we need colon cleansing treatments?  Well the answers are still unclear. Our body itself can detoxify food throw away, neutralize contaminants and the mucus wall helps the toxic wastes to re-enter the tissue and bloodstream. Then the need of this colon cleansing is still under the mist. The purity and safety of the best colon cleanse can’t be also guaranteed because the bowel movement depends from person to person.

Risks due to cleansing:

There are potential risks involved in this type of cleansing process also. It can have following side effect:

  1. Nausea, cramps
  2. Dehydration
  3. Dizziness
  4. Vomiting
  5. Infection
  6. Bowel problems
  7. Inequity in mineral
  8. Depletion of the natural bowel flora etc.

Sometimes the additional substance can also cause allergic reactions. Long term use of these types of colon cleanse can cause irritation and imbalance in the ration of the good bacteria. The mineral imbalance can cause many different types of disease in children also. Colon treatments should always be avoided if you have any of the following problems:

  • Recent bowel surgery
  • Disease of heart and kidney
  • Tumors in colon
  • Diverticulitis
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Ulcerative colitis

Best colon cleanse can give brief relief from constipation or other small disease by cleaning the colon, but this whole treatment will be expensive and tiresome. It also has many risks and side effects involved. We all know that our colon knows what to do so, it’s better to leave it in its condition until cleansing it is a necessity.